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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

There is an ocean inside you.

My goodness. I am a terrible blogger. Honestly, I only post this because I'm on google+ now, meaning my family can see what I write. Even now, I'm prattling on a bit, so I guess for those who can see this I'll give some insight into my life.

I've become, through a combination of emotional diversion and boredom, a passable street fighter IV player. For those of you who care, I main Dee Jay (because how often is your namesake a video game character (even though he's the bottomest of bottom tier)). That's really all I got to say about that. If you're on PSN add me (fatbuu8990).

Ahem. Anyway. . .

I'm in the editing phase of my manuscript, "The Time of the Mousetrap". I am in the planning phases of my full-length work, "Strangle". Both deal with aspects of depression and what it's like. "Mousetrap" I'm hoping speaks to the feelings you get when you're up all night just thinking and that thinking is tinted with what it means to be going through the early phases of the disease. "Strangle", so far, deals with the later phases, the point past sadness and anger where it's complete and profound nothingness. In that nothing I found so much that I want to share now.

I am come
from the seafoam
with hands full of conch and coral
to tell you

there is an ocean inside you.