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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Let the Muses Loose.

"Limousines and sycophants,
don't leave now,
'cause I'm afraid
what you've done to me
is now the wolf in my bed."


What is it about a good lyric that can lead to great amounts of thought on any subject? I tried asking that question and got no real answer. I also tried writing lyrics and that was a terrible, pointless endeavor (don't ask me why; just not my forte I suppose).

I admit, sometimes I'm very afraid to step out of my comfort zone. I think this becomes obvious when I perform. Just for the amusement of whoever may be reading this (peace and blessings to you), this is a video of my first performance:

Nerves: they're what's for dinner.

At any rate, I say all that to ask this: what have you done to make yourself uncomfortable lately? Have you written something in a style you didn't think possible? Did you talk to that girl/guy you've been crushing on for years but you didn't know what to say but the timing was never right but she has a boyfriend. . .

OK, that was a little personal. But seriously, try something new. The muse resting in your brain will appreciate it. They get bored easily, you know.

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