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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Do We Always Have a Choice?

In light of recent and pretty terrible events, I've been mulling over this question in my head. I told my best friend (and I do believe this to the fullest) that it's not about what's right, or what's fair, but what's necessary. However, another very dear friend of mine said that she disagreed, and that the word "necessary" implied to her that we were without the ability to determine our own fate in certain circumstances. Basically, that we always have a choice, so how do we determine what we want to do? I used to believe that I never had a choice, it was just doing what needed to be done and nothing else. I realize now: I'm not trapped, I'm decisive. We do always have a choice and I'm so comfortable in myself that I can make that choice without hesitation. That was freeing beyond words and I owe her greatly for that. It's like a weight has been lifted knowing that I do what I CHOOSE, not what I'm MADE to do. Almost like my worth isn't defined by the people I have the help but the choices I made and make to help them. What do you think?

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