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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Daily Inspiration #2.

Sometimes, it simply doesn't do to stay in the realm of one art form. For millenia, humans have cross-examined media in order to create new art. From the greek ekphrastic (a poem or specifically a verse based on a work of art that is not originally a poem) up to the idea of automatic writing (producing prose based on what comes to your head, Freud-style), we have always delved to weird places to find our inspiration. The above song is an old favorite of mine. Honestly, the Foo Fighters rarely disappoint, and I rocks with Rock Lee (nerd swag on deck: check). Anyway, when I can't find any jumpoff point in poetry, I often turn to song. Sometimes it can be a painting:

and sometimes, it can be a video (like above). Sometimes, it can be as abstract as a tap-dance routine. . .basically, everyone has that thing that gets their gears going. Find yours. And when you do, I have a challenge for you.

Take a song, piece of art, etc. and write a poem on it. Doesn't have to be long; in fact, I'd love to see a haiku based on your work. So, if this happens to pass your eye, just leave a comment.

Be inspired, true believers. Love.

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